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AEA Challenger PRO air rifle
  • AEA Challenger PRO air rifle

       With its regulated design, the AEA Challenger PRO delivers consistent and precise shots with every pull of the trigger. The durable construction and high muzzle velocity make it a reliable and effective air rifle for any shooting enthusiast. Whether you're looking to improve your target shooting skills or take on small game hunting, the AEA Challenger PRO is the air rifle to trust for superior performance. Get yours today and experience the power and precision of this impressive air rifle!

    Muzzle Velocity:

    • .30 CAL 1000+ FPS 50 GR 120 FPE
    • .35 CAL 950+ FPS 81 GR 150 FPE

    Magazine Capacity:

    • .30 CAL 9 Shots
    • .35 CAL 8 Shots

    Air Tube Capacity:350CC 52mm

    Air Filling Pressure4500 PSI
    Barrel Length: 24''

    Overall Length:37 Inches


    Bolt Action
    Optics11mm Dovetail Scope Mount