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.45cal and .50cal Sabot's - shoot .357cal, .30cal, or .223calbullets
  • .45cal and .50cal Sabot's - shoot .357cal, .30cal, or .223calbullets

    These .45cal or .50cal Sabot's allow you to shoot either a .357cal, .30cal, or .223cal bullet from your .45cal or .50cal air rifle! (.50cal will work for .495cal or .510cal)

    Sold in packs of 10 Sabot's

    Built to function perfectly with all AEA and BinTac Air Rifles in .45cal or .50cal, including the BinTac M50, HP Max, Challenger series, and Element Max series of air rifles!

    Using under wieght ammo at full pressure may cuase damage to some air rifles check the manufacture before use!